International Tax Compliance Project

Resolving non-compliant international tax and accounting

Our client is a US based technology company. Our initial support activity focussed on their non compliant tax and accounting records, establishing the correct accounting processes and bringing them up to date from a compliance perspective. We delivered further support required in relation to a multi-country expansion, covering the incorporation of two legal entities, and all accounting and compliance requirements for three countries, in addition to numerous ad hoc projects.

As the client’s international activities have expanded, we transitioned much of the accounting and compliance support back to the client, ensuring that their international expansion has been carefully managed and risks minimised.

  • Provision of initial advice in relation to tax and HR matters
  • Provision of advice in relation to corporate structuring
  • Incorporation of legal entities where required
  • Provision of fully coordinated accounting and an compliance services across all non-HQ countries
  • Delivery of all services through our single point of contact service delivery model

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