Our Brand Ambassador

UnaTerra’s Brand Ambassador, James Ketchell (aka Captain Ketch) is the first and only person to have rowed across the Atlantic Ocean, successfully summited Mount Everest and cycled 18,000 miles around the world.


Now he’s embarking on another challenging adventure, flying around the globe in a gyrocopter!


James embodies UnaTerra’s vision and values. He continues pushing boundaries even when facing with insurmountable obstacles. His self-belief, professionalism and unwavering perseverance reflect our own core values that guide us in the way we do business with our clients and partners.

Our vision is to ensure that every organisation we work with, regardless of the industry, is empowered a to reach their full potential.

James has raised tens of thousands of pounds for his chosen charities as he has climbed, rowed, and cycled his way around the world.

James is supporting and raising awareness for two wonderful children’s charities Kindled Spirit and Over The Wall, both of whom aim to support children and improve their quality of life.

The key message that James reveals from completing this  journey is that we can all potentially set ourselves difficult goals and achieve them: the capability to succeed is within everyone.

James has been an established motivational speaker for a number of years and will be speaking to school children in every country he lands in on his around the world flying adventure. His plan is to motivate and inspire as many children as possible with the need for self-belief; the willingness of others to help if only you dare to ask and the value of persistence.

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You can read more about James’ remarkable achievements and the charities he supports on his website.

You can follow James via this website or on Twitter: @captainketch