Company Formation

UnaTerra can advise on, and deliver, the full process of establishing an appropriate legal presence in your chosen new market. The options available, and the process for delivering them, varies enormously from country to country, and just understanding the basics can represent a significant challenge for you.

Our Company Formation service typically follows a number of steps:

  1. Understand your needs, and how they’re expected to evolve over the short to medium term. For example, are you looking to build a sophisticated Sales and Marketing operation, or a simple Customer Support function?
  2. Explain the entity choice options available to you in terms of local legal or tax registrations that are appropriate to the activity, and make recommendations.
  3. Execute on the delivery of the agreed solution. This will include tax and other registrations, and might also include the opening of a bank account, as is sometimes required as part of the formation process.
  4. Establishment of accounting and payroll systems, to provide a local entity or registration that’s ready to hire employees and to do business locally.

UnaTerra’s Company Formation service enables you to make informed choices about how best to enter new markets in an appropriate and fully compliant manner.