Corporate Services

Director Services

In some countries and under specific circumstances, a legal entity carries the requirement for at least one locally resident director. When you incorporate a legal entity, you may not be in a position to appoint a locally resident director: however, UnaTerra will be able to meet this requirement on a nominee/outsourced basis.

Requirements vary from country to country, but the locally appointed directors may need to have visibility over key local matters such as any local contracts or leases, and movement of funds in and out of the local entity bank account. Most importantly, you will remain in control and no actions taken relating to the local entity without full HQ approval.

Registered Office

In any country, a newly established legal entity will require a registered address to which formal notifications, legal, tax and other documentation must be sent. This can be a challenge when you have no physical footprint in that country.

UnaTerra is able to manage and maintain a local registered office address for your overseas legal entities via its cost-effective RO service.

Bank Account Set Up & Treasury Management

Implementing and managing processes for the making of payments for foreign operations can be challenging, costly and risky. UnaTerra can facilitate payments on your behalf through our delegated authorities’ protocols, or we can support you in the opening and ongoing management of local bank accounts in over 90 countries.

Commercial Support & Consulting

UnaTerra can advise and support you in relation all your international commercial contracts and can also assist with contract negotiation.

Procurement & Supply Chain Consulting

UnaTerra has in-depth expertise in sourcing and supply chain management. We are able to support you in understanding the commercial and regulatory frameworks as and when you are looking to contract for services in a country where you don’t have direct legal support.