Legal Services

As a fully regulated law firm, UnaTerra’s legal unit provides our clients with high-calibre experienced lawyers on a flexible basis to meet the needs of their international expansion plans or growing international operations.

By working smarter as part of your business, and by delivering legal advice from a business perspective, we can demonstrably save our clients significant amounts of money and directors’ time.

9-point Legal Framework

Our international Legal Advice service can include any or all of the services in our 9-point legal framework:

  1. Business Growth — enter new markets and accelerate growth without senior management bottlenecks
  2. Intellectual Property — identify, secure, and defend your business’s valuable intellectual property
  3. Your People — get the best out of your people, while minimising your risk
  4. Your Business Relationships — secure and strengthen your critical business relationships
  5. Your Property — manage and minimise leasehold property-related costs and exposure
  6. Process & Legal Risk — protect your business from the risks of contractual, compliance, process and competition law failings
  7. Compliance Awareness — avoid corporate governance compliance failures by making compliance a part of your ‘business as usual’
  8. Exit Planning — maximise the potential future sale value of your business, starting now.
  9. Ongoing Legal Needs — benefit from your own in-house virtual lawyer for valuable time savings for your top people

By adopting this rigorous approach — and by calling on our wealth of experience — UnaTerra can enable you to approach the legal issues associated with business expansion in the most systematic and cost-effective manner possible.