International Payroll

Technology driven payroll solutions

Our client is a European headquartered business with rapid growth across other European countries, Latin America and Asia.

The challenges:

A small finance and HR team at HQ so needed to identify an ‘end to end’ solution for international payroll
Needed a trusted pair of hands to completely outsource the international workforce ‘problem’ and work with a partner that could address any enquiries relating to payroll with its local employees
Wanted a smart way to make international payments and pay expenses

Our solutions:

  • We started out by working on a couple of international payrolls with this customer and spent a lot of time on the phone or in person with this customer
  • We quickly built a strong relationship that enabled the customer to push more country locations to us
  • We provided UnaTerra Secure as the platform for its HRIS, payroll, payment and expense reporting
  • We provide day to day advice and support to HQ on all HR, payroll and expenses currently across 13 international locations

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