International Tax Compliance

Resolving non-compliant international tax and accounting

Our client is a US based technology company with its HQ in Silicon Valley, California

The challenges:

  • The client’s international operations had become non-compliant in a number of areas, including accounting record keeping and VAT and Corporate Tax
  • The client was also in a non-compliant employment situation in one country where employment laws are complex and the client did not have the appropriate local structure in place

Our solutions: 

  • Established the correct accounting processes and brought all international operations to a fully compliant position
  • Provision of detailed advice in relation to corporate structure, tax and HR matters
  • The incorporation of a new legal entity to correct the non-compliant employment situation
  • Provision of fully coordinated accounting and compliance services across all non-HQ countries, delivered through our single point of contact service delivery model

As the client’s international activities have expanded, we transitioned much of the accounting and compliance support back to the client, ensuring that their international expansion has been carefully managed and risks minimised

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