US Market Entry

First steps into the US

Across 2017 & 2018 we worked with over 10 UK headquartered companies looking for advice and support with their US expansion . These projects have been varying in their scope, but typically involved similar issues and solutions.

The challenges:

  • The US is such a complex and large geography where is the best place to start
  • What state registrations need to be made and when
  • Understanding the way the US looks at labor law and the differences to the UK employment landscape
  • Questions around the complexities of US immigration and visa processes
  • Navigating the multiple options of where in the US is best to establish a new entity
  • Paying UK employees based in the US correctly

Our solutions:

  • Strategic advice on setting up in the US and where
  • Legal entity options and setup timelines
  • Advice on US immigration and visa issues
  • Practical support in the process of applying for visas for UK employees transferring to the US, including employment related documentation and benefits
  • Support in making the necessary tax registrations
  • Ongoing payroll, accounting and compliance support in the US
  • Annual US tax compliance services

If you want to take your business to the US  get in touch for complete financial, payroll, HR and employee benefits support.